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What are our Gel Packs made of?
Mainly water, with a small amount of cellulose gum and salt.

Are the Gel Packs toxic?

No, they are non-toxic, but are not meant for human or pet consumption.

What would happen if the gel was ingested?

Nothing, the gel is non-toxic and comprised of mainly water with a small amount of cellulose gum and salt added.

What is the gel’s freezing temperature?

32 Degrees (F)

How long do they stay frozen?

There are too many variables to determine an exact length of time.

Do I need a Gel Pack when I am sending an item?

It depends on the item you want to ship. If the item needs to stay chilled or frozen, you will need to incorporate a Gel Pack. Your sales rep will be able to help you determine if you need Gel Packs.

How much gel would I need?

That would depend on what is being shipped, how much of the item is being shipped, and where the item is coming from and going to. We cannot guarantee that the amount of Gel Packs used will be sufficient because of the many variables that may affect temperature but your sales rep can recommend how many to use.

Can the Gel Packs be reused?

Yes, over and over as long as the pack is not punctured or damaged in any way.

Can the Gel Packs be disposed of?

Yes, they are environmentally friendly and can be thrown in the trash.

Can your foam shippers be recycled?

Yes, please refer to our Recycling link on our Home Page for more information.

Can you personalize your foam shippers with company information or logo’s?

Yes, we can offer personalization including color printed logo’s or designs. Please contact our Customer Service directly for more information.

Do you make custom sizes of your foam shippers?

Yes, we can make custom sizes. Please contact our Customer Service directly for more information.



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